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The Grimm Riddle is an Alternative Indie musical artist from Durban, South Africa headed by Duane de Coning (Vocals and instruments).  Past members / collaborations are Sphynx (Vocals) and Melody French (Vocals, lyrics and bass guitar)

What are we about? The Grimm Riddle is about questioning everything and being true to music as an art form. The songs are intended as a mirror to reflect the world; the good and bad.  Our intention is to intelligently question everything, find the answers that have proof and to accept that there are some questions that may never be answered, to learn to be comfortable with that mystery.

The ethic of The Grimm Riddle is to capture the raw essence in the chaos of song writing. We like to represent the natural or organic processes and the inherent imperfections in authentic creativity.

Duane says: “I suppose my creative work is about giving the middle finger to the guys who put together perfect pop with pre-recorded samples and pitch correction, instead of actually doing the work of song writing and recording. My music is a form of protest against the canned aspect of the contemporary music industry.”

Bio: In July 2010 Duane started recording songs under the name The Grimm Riddle using a free downloaded recording program with almost no equipment and has progressed steadily from there.  He has since built his own recording studio from scratch and continues to invest in his art.

“At one point I was recording on boxes and and kitchen utensils, anything to produce the various drum sounds needed as I had no access to a drum set, only my Fender Stratocaster and acoustic guitar. With no microphones, I used a home video camera to record, converted the videos to mp3 for the recording program. I had such cool neighbours, they said I should have band practice every night.”

Duane cut his teeth with engineering and production in those early days, mixing at home on his PC.  Duane has toured and recorded professionally with other bands, notably touring in Turkey with Turkish Alternate band Grizu.


The Grimm Riddle’s third official release and first full album, “No Credits For Good Behaviour”,  is about to hit the online stores. Fulled with angry protest and emotion this album has a true to The Grimm Riddle Post Punk Grunge feel with a little Goth to taste and hard hitting lyrics.

All songs written by Duane de Coning.
Mixed and engineered at Haunted Tree Records in South Africa.
Mastered at Haunted Tree Records.
Cover design by Duane de Coning.
© 2019 The Grimm Riddle 
2019 The Grimm Riddle
The Grimm Riddle’s latest video, “OK?”, has just been released on YouTube. Produced and edited by Duane de Coning, Photography and camera work by Daniella Hartman.


The Grimm Riddle OK Cover

The Grimm Riddle’s second official release “OK?”, is an Alternative Rock EP featuring an early Killers sound colliding with the debris of Grunge and Post Punk.

Available now on iTunes, Spotify, Deezer,, Google Play, and others.

Duane’s lyrics are a continuation of his existential views, moving away from the dysphoria of “Forgetting My Name”, with it’s elements of Goth.
“OK?” transports us from cynicism and revolt through to subtly paranoid observations, while the song “Good Days” offers us a brief glance into a more personal space. The emotional tension of the album is carried by the often intense vocals and featured artist Melody French lends her haunting voice to “I Belong Here”. Duane’s guitar work lends a subtle texture to the overall light and shade across the EP and within each song.
All songs written by Duane de Coning except for “I Belong Here” which is written by Duane de Coning and Melody French.
Mixed and engineered by Duane de Coning at Haunted Tree Records in South Africa.
Mastered at The Cutting Room in Sweden.
Photography by Sphynx and Daniella Hartman.
Cover design by Duane de Coning.
Distributed by Spinnup in 2017.
© 2017 The Grimm Riddle 
2017 The Grimm Riddle, distributed by Spinnup

Duane de Coning and Melody French

Duane de Coning collaborated with Melody french in recording I Belong Hereand made a music video as a taster for the EP OK?”.

Lyrics by Duane de Coning and Melody french.  Vocals, guitars, drums and keys by Duane de Coning. Additional vocals and bass guitar by Melody French. Melody brings a fresh addition to The Grimm Riddle sound.


The_Grimm_Riddle_Forgetting my name

The Grimm Riddle’s debut release, “Forgetting My Name” is an Alternative Rock single incorporating elements of Goth and Grunge.

Available now on iTunesDeezer, Spotify, and others.

The tone of his lyrics is dysphoric, exploring the indiscriminate finality of fate in contrast to the melodic texture of the instruments. This single coalesces the experiences gained as a session and recording musician with a wide range of influences and a long history of song-writing.

All songs written by Duane de Coning except “Forgetting My Name” which written by Duane de Coning and Sphynx.
Mixed and engineered by Duane de Coning at Haunted Tree Records in Turkey.
Mastered by Duane de Coning at Haunted Tree Records in Turkey.
Photography by Sphynx.
Cover design by Duane de Coning.
Distributed by Spinnup in 2014.
© 2014 The Grimm Riddle 
2014 The Grimm Riddle, distributed by Spinnup


Duane de Coning established The Grimm Riddle in 2011.  He is the song writer, multi instrumentalist and vocalist for The Grimm Riddle, as well as the engineer and producer.


The demo Album, Killer in Me”  was unofficially released in August 2011 under the independent label Haunted Mirror Records. It is not professionally recorded or mixed but served as a taste of what was to come afterward.

All the songs written by Duane de Coning except for “Another Sky” which is written by Duane de Coning and Sphynx.

All instruments by Duane de Coning.

© 2011 The Grimm Riddle


The influences of The Grimm Riddle songs are the likes of Nirvana, Pixies, The Cure, Grammatrain, The Killers, Joy Division, The Velvet Underground, Smashing Pumpkins, Tool, A Perfect Circle and many more.

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