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23 Dec 2018

The Grimm Riddle’s new album out SOON!

The Grimm Riddle’s new album, “No Credits For Good Behaviour”, is out now on all your favourite online stores.

“No Credits For Good Behaviour”, is The Grimm Riddle’s first official full length album.

The sound of this album is true to The Grimm Riddle’s Post Punk Grunge feel with a little Goth to taste and hard hitting lyrics with angry protest and raw emotion.

All songs written by Duane de Coning.

Mixed and engineered at Haunted Tree Records in South Africa.

Mastered at Haunted Tree Records.

Cover design by Duane de Coning.

© 2019 The Grimm Riddle 

℗ 2019 The Grimm Riddle

20 Sep 2017

The Grimm Riddle’s latest music video, “OK?”

The Grimm Riddle has just released a new music video, “OK?”, onto YouTube. Produced and edited by Duane de Coning. Photography and camera work by Daniella Hartman.

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21 Feb 2017

“OK?”, The second official release

The Grimm Riddle OK CoverThe Grimm Riddle’s second official release “OK?”, is an Alternative Rock EP featuring an early Killers sound colliding with the debris of Grunge and Post Punk.

Available now on iTunes, Deezer, Spotify, Google Play, and others.

Duane’s lyrics are a continuation of his existential views, moving away from the dysphoria of “Forgetting My Name”, with it’s elements of Goth.
“OK?” transports us from cynicism and revolt through to subtly paranoid observations, while the song “Good Days” offers us a brief glance into a more personal space. The emotional tension of the album is carried by the often intense vocals and featured artist Melody French lends her haunting voice to “I Belong Here”. Duane’s guitar work lends a subtle texture to the overall light and shade across the EP and within each song.
All songs written by Duane de Coning except for “I Belong Here” which is written by Duane de Coning and Melody French.
Mixed and engineered by Duane de Coning at Haunted Tree Records in South Africa.
Mastered at The Cutting Room in Sweden.
Photography by Sphynx and Daniella Hartman
Cover design by Duane de Coning
Distributed by Spinnup in 2017
02 Feb 2012

History ?

History? I mean the history we learn from school, the history we read in the history books; this history is an individual’s perception of what he or she saw or heard and then was jotted down by other individuals, journalists or historians. The information is then edited and maybe even exaggerated by more individuals with their perceptions.

No! The past is written in the pages of the past and cannot accurately be represented in the now. When we humans try to re-tell the stories of these events, we twist, we exaggerate and make comments based on our preconceived perceptions of the events.

Haunted Tree

The truth? The whole truth? And nothing but the truth? Now this is very hard to come by in written record. But what about in life? Well think about it, right here and right now, the very moment that you are in, reading this blog, you are in truth. No one needs to tell you what’s happening to you right now because it just is. Right now, it is the truth, and no one can question that.

If you tell a friend about this tomorrow it will be fairly accurate. But if you tell another friend a week later? Well, then a couple things are forgotten, maybe changed, maybe exaggerated and maybe even down played. But you are telling the truth, right? I mean why would you lie about something so trivial and insignificant to a friend? But is it absolute truth?  Our own memories play broken telephone on us.

Time brightens the good days and darkens the bad days.

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